• How much are design fees?

    The interior design fee is basically the total area of the space to be designed multiplied by a pre-determined square meter unit price. The square meter unit price decreases as the total area increases. Methods that calculate design fees based on construction costs can change when materials and design change midway through the process. As interior density increases, design fees also increases, worrying the client. The main reason we use a calculation method that uses total area is because this allows the client to create a financing plan from the very beginning.

    We may calculate fees based on approximate construction fees for spaces that have no set area at the time of commencement, such as new constructions.

  • When are design fees incurred?

    Consider design fees to be incurred when we hand over the check sheet at the time of your requesting us to design your space. A Design Application Form or a Design Work Consignment Contract will be concluded at this time.

  • Do you charge consultation fees?

    There are no fees for your first consultation if you come to our offices. Should we visit you at a location that is far from our offices, separate transportation fees will be charged and lodging fees may be charged if returning on the same day proves difficult. We will negotiate with you when fees will be incurred to proceed with plans.

  • I don't have a set budget; can I still consult with you?

    Of course. We believe that there is advice that only we can provide based on our 40 years of experience. Please feel free to consult us on anything design related.

    Even if your budget is limited, we can consult with you on design fees and work details that match your budget.

  • Will you work within my budget?

    Although we can't say "yes" for certain before knowing your budget, Joint Center will never let your precious budget go to waste. We believe the benefit of design is being able to bring out effects to their fullest within a limited budget.

    Even with the same construction costs, the resulting space will differ dramatically depending on the design office. As such, the experience and sensibilities of the company that does the designs is extremely vital. When you compare our construction cost tsubo unit price with other companies, we are sure you will see the difference between their designs and the design tastes, quality of completion as well as construction costs of our company. We hope that you will consider requesting our services.

  • How much is the tsubo unit price?

    Tsubo (approximately 3.3 square meters) unit price varies greatly depending on the type of the facility, request details, the design target, character of the area and other factors. As such, it is difficult to state a set, uniform price.

    When taking dental clinics as an example, the majority of clinics that perform treatment under insurance will incur roughly 650,000 yen per tsubo. For clinics where treatments are paid out-of-pocket, these clinics will incur varies from roughly 650,000 to 1,000,000 yen per tsubo (fees generally known as main unit construction fees will be presented using tsubo unit prices).

    Feel free to come and consult with us. We will be able to provide advice based on the content of the design request.

  • Will construction costs increase if I request a design office to oversee my construction project?

    We believe there will be a difference when compared with housing manufacturers and design and construction companies that oversee hundreds of projects per year. This is because these companies use a method where they purchase the same material in bulk and assemble them like assembling a puzzle.
    When requesting a design office to do the work, a construction company performs the construction work and so design fees and construction costs will be separate, making overall costs clearer.
    In the long run, we believe that a well thought out design and careful, detailed construction will prove to be a bargain.

Construction Periods
  • How long will it take until completion?

    Although this varies greatly depending on the scale and details of the construction, the building itself takes approximately one year (from design to the completion of construction) and the interior takes roughly three to five months (from design to the completion of construction). We can make adjustments to these periods. Please feel free to consult us.

  • How many meetings will we have?

    For regular projects, we ask to have around six or seven meetings. For the four meetings consisting of a meeting before starting on the design, one on the design plan, a presentation of the basic design, and explanation of the working drawing, we ask the client to come to our offices because of the large amount of material. Following these meetings, we ask the client to be present on site during the construction period for the marking process and to check work just prior to completion.

  • I want to consult you on design. What should I do?

    First, please contact us by phone or from our website through the Inquiry Form.We will then ask you to come to our offices where we will consult with you. We provide you with a brief outline of what we do at Joint Center, including examples of our work, through photos and documentation. Please consider the first meeting as a simple introduction to each other. We believe that a face-to-face meeting is important for the designer and the client to understand each other.

  • Is there something I should prepare before consulting with you about a design?

    For renovations, please bring with you the current drawings and photos if you have them. For new constructions, please bring with you materials that you may have on the plot of land.

  • I don't live in Tokyo. Can I ask you to come here for a consultation?

    In principle, we ask the client to come to our offices for the first consultation. If it is difficult for you to come to our offices, or if you are unable to due to project issues, we will go to your location. For locations that are far from our office, a separate transportation fee will be charged as well as lodging fees if returning the same day proves difficult.

  • If I request a design office for their services, do they not accommodate my requests?

    That is not the case. Designs exist for that person and to be improved upon. Although there may be cases where client requests are physically impossible or cannot be accomplished due to budget reasons, we at Joint Center will ask our clients for their requests using a check sheet that we provide before starting our work. We will them propose the plan to our client and proceed with the design while receiving the approval of the client. For functionality issues, we engage in in-depth meetings for even the tiniest of details.

    Based on past experience, conveying to us "what you want to accomplish" will result in wider design opportunities than limiting your request to "what you want."

Requests from outside Tokyo
  • Can I request designs even if I'm not in Tokyo?

    Yes, of course. For clients outside of Tokyo prefecture, separate fees such as transportation and lodging will be charged. To date, we have designed for clients not only around Japan, but also overseas such as New York and Hawaii.

  • I can't go to Tokyo for every meeting. Can you come here?

    Yes, of course. There are four chances during the design period where we will hold face-to-face meetings. Although we usually ask clients to come to our office because of the large amount of material, please consult us if it is difficult for you to come to Tokyo. For locations that are outside Tokyo, a separate transportation fee will be charged as well as lodging fees if returning the same day proves difficult.

  • How will the process proceed if I am not in Tokyo?

    In principle, the process is the same regardless of location. Confirmations will be done using the phone, fax, email or by mail. Although there are approximately four chances to conduct face-to-face meetings, please consult us if it is difficult for you to attend these. For details, please refer to From start to completion.

    Considering issues such as maintenance, we recommend using a local construction company.

  • Are there additional fees if I am not in Tokyo?

    Although there are no additional design fees because you may not be in Tokyo, there will be separate transportation fees each time we visit the planned site as well as lodging fees if returning to Tokyo on the same day proves difficult. During the construction period, Joint Center will normally visit the construction site roughly seven times (this number may increase or decrease depending on the scale and detail of the building).

Our Work
  • What kind of work does Joint Center do?

    We engage in interior design, coordination of furniture and ornaments, graphic design, supervision of web design and more, allowing us to handle total design work for commercial and medical facilities, as well as branding. Of course, we can also accommodate requests for interior design only or graphic design only as well.

    Our main objective at Joint Center is the pursuit of constantly increasing cost effectiveness.

    In regards to interior design, unlike architectural design offices, we are a design office that focuses on the human aspect of design. All of the drawings that we create are design drawings. For confirmation application work, structural design, equipment design (electrical, air/ventilation, water, sewage, sanitary aspects, kitchen, fire prevention, etc.), these are designed by companies specializing in these areas or by a equipment design office and are not included as part of the scope of interior design work. Our company conducts meetings with each responsible company for only those aspects that affect design and proceed from there. In principle, because our position is one of assisting in creating a space on behalf of the client, we provide design supervision during construction to ensure that construction is proceeding according to the drawings. Our involvement starts with consultations between the client and us and continues even after the space is completed. Our wish is to look over the space as long as it exists.

  • Do you do renovations as well?

    Yes, we will do renovations regardless of the type of facility or residence. We are constantly thinking of spaces from the perspective of professional designers, and we believe that by adding even just a small touch will affect a space greatly. Renovations of medical and commercial facilities have increased recently. Please feel free to consult us.

  • Can I actually see spaces that Joint Center designed?

    Please contact us by phone or from our website through the inquiry Form. After receiving approval of the owner of the completed property, we will arrange a date, time and place for you to visit and contact you. Although in principle we do not accept requests to visit properties by persons in the same industry, there may be cases where exceptions can be made.

  • Does placing priority on design mean not much consideration is placed on functionality?

    Not at all. Design is a combination of form and function. It evolves to make it better for people to use. However, it is true that there are designers that pursue only form, and only slightly touch on function. Our philosophy at Joint Center is to combine form and function at an extremely high level. Please take a look at the comments from our clients on the Comments from the doctors page.

  • What about post-completion follow-up?

    Designs are created based on the conclusion of a consignment contract between the client and Joint Center. In regards to construction, a service contract is concluded between the client and the construction company and the construction company will perform regular inspections after completion. As such, for construction related issues after construction is complete, we ask that you contact the construction company. If you encounter problems with the construction company, please consult Joint Center and we will provide you with advice from a neutral standpoint.