Design Policy

Designs that nurture health and appeals to all five senses

What is required of a medical space? It is the realization of "health," the most important thing to all people. In addition, not only must we focus on simply cleanliness and providing relaxation, we must also consider the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and sometimes taste. A design that appeals to all five senses and is not just a trendy one, will maintain a high quality environment that will not fade with time.

The design policy of Joint Center is to "create a space where the person is always at the center." There is a vast amount information that is conveyed from a space, and a person obtains a variety of information using their five senses. In other words, a patient's treatment actually starts as soon as they open the door to the clinic. That is why spatial design must not only consider the physical effects, but also the psychological effects and the fact that the clinic itself expresses who the doctor is. Imagine a patient who has received treatment and left the clinic in a pleasant manner. The patients at this clinic are sure to have trust in the high level of medical treatment as well as satisfaction in the clinic that comes from the entire space as a whole.

What are the standards used when a patient chooses a clinic? What is required to convey to the patient, a high level of skill? We believe that a design that appeals to all five senses is one method to making the patient feel that "if I'm going to a clinic again, it will be this one.