Design Fees

In principle, the interior design fee is calculated by multiplying the total area to be designed by a set ㎡ unit price. The larger the area, the lower the ㎡ unit price. Methods that calculate fees based on construction costs may result in changes in design fees due to changes in materials or designs midway through the process. The fact that design fees would continue to increase as the density of the interior increases only causes more concern for the client. The main reason why we use a method that uses total area is because this allows for the client to create a budget plan.

For new constructions where floor area has not yet been decided, we may calculate fees based on approximate construction costs.

Timing at Which Design Fees Are Incurred

In principle, design fees will be incurred when we hand over the check sheet to you when we are asked to design a space for you. A Design Application Form or a Design Work Consignment Contract will be concluded at this time. For details, please see the following page. From start to completion>>

Consultation Fees

Consultations are free of charge. We will hold negotiations in advance should fees be incurred upon proceeding with the design plan.

*1: We will charge for transportation costs incurred for business trips that are farther than 70km from our offices.
*2: If returning on the same day proves difficult on business trips, we will charge for lodging costs that are incurred.

Tsubo Unit Price

Tsubo (approximately 3.3 square meters) unit prices vary greatly depending on the type of facility, the details of the design request, and even for the character of the target land area, as well as other conditions. As such, it is difficult to state a set, uniform price.

When taking dental clinics as an example, the majority of clinics that perform treatment under insurance will incur roughly 650,000 yen per tsubo. For clinics where treatments are paid out-of-pocket, these clinics will incur roughly 650,000 to 1,000,000 yen per tsubo.