Application for Preliminary Consultation

For clients considering requesting the design services of Joint Center

For clients considering requesting Joint Center to design clinic spaces, printed materials or other items, Joint Center offers preliminary consultations before engaging in full-scale design work in order understand the thoughts of the client towards their clinic, the status of their plan, as well as their budget. Consultations are free of charge.

If you are considering a preliminary consultation, please fill in the entry form below or call us, and we will send you our "Clinic Design" materials as well as "Preliminary Consultation Application Form."

Once you receive these items, please fill in and mail back the "Preliminary Consultation Application Form" and we will set a date a time for the preliminary consultation.

*In principle, preliminary consultations are held at our offices.

To contact us by phone: 03-3446-2611

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* Materials may not be delivered if your name or address is entered incorrectly. Please double check to make sure they are correct.

* Please note that when our offices are closed, requests will be handled on the next business day and later.

* In principle, all information that is entered will only be used to send you the abovementioned materials and to contact you, and not for any other purpose.