By Train
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line: Get off at Hiroo Station, use the A1 or A2 exit. A 2 minute walk in the direction of Tengenji Temple.
By Car
  1. From Shibuya/Ebisu... Proceed down Meiji-dori towards Furukawabashi→Turn left at the police box→Turn right at the Hiroo-bashi intersection
  2. From Route 2 (Meguro Route) of the Shuto Expressway... Exit at Tengenji→Go past the Tengenji-bashi intersection and turn right at the Hiroo 5-chome intersection →Turn right at the Hiroo-bashi intersection
  • Parking lots... There are parking meters on both sides of the street (Gaiennishi-dori, marked with ) in front of Azabu Sun Palace.
  • Azabu Sun Palace, in which Joint Center is located, is next to the glass-walled building (HIROO COMPLEX). Please press 603 on the intercom in the front entrance. One of our staff members will answer.

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